After Pandemic Marketing Plan

Digital Reset: Perfect time to prepare your Multicultural Marketing Plan!

This global pandemic will shape businesses for decades to come. With Covid-19, we are already seeing early signs of a shift in how consumers and businesses behave.  Covid-19 is a terrible shock to the global economy as well as the thousands of individuals and families it has affected. Companies in the immediate term need to ensure that the health and safety of its workers, partners and suppliers come first.

We can help you get everything to get your business ready to reopen and get a marketing plan post crisis.

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“This crisis is forcing anything which can digitize, to digitize”

We are forced to adapt digitally in every way. These behaviors will not disappear, digital practices will continue. Consumer appetite for delivery services is going to continue and grow more & more.

The companies which are best placed to benefit from the situations are those which offer comfort, convenience or necessity for consumers. For brands there’s space to think about the digitization of your product, not just the delivery. 

Close to 10% of all national sales for several categories were made by the Hispanics living in three states alone, Florida, Texas, and California. 

These states have reached a point where the Hispanic population is no longer a niche, instead, they represent a significant mainstream force. In other words, even when you don’t target Hispanic consumers as a segment, your sales are probably impacted by decisions made by Hispanic consumers.

Estás listo para estos cambios? Are you ready? Don’t you think it is time to act and do Hispanic marketing for real?


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