Companies that celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

It has been projected that as of 2025, employees of Latinx descent will account for one out of every two workers entering the United States labor market. Despite this large number of Hispanic people in the American workforce. The 76 percent repress some facets of their culture in the office such as how they communicate and present themselves, and another 63 percent feel their ideas are not valued or heard on a team, reports Harvard Business Review (HBR) authors.


Microsoft is celebrating Latinx culture and inspirational stories through Our Voz. This will include local events in the community and celebrations, as well as stories from our own Latinx employees who are making an impact in the community. 

Microsoft HOLA [Hispanic/Latinx Organization of Leaders in Action], in partnership with our Global Diversity and Inclusion team and our many allies across all businesses, have established strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the Latinx community. 


“At AT&T, we know that Latinos play a vital role in our customer base, our workforce and in the communities we serve which is why creating an inclusive work environment has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority. We’re proud to celebrate Americans with roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America during Hispanic Heritage Month and all year round. HACEMOS, our Hispanic-focused employee resource group, celebrates our employees and communities with events across the U.S.”

HACEMOS means, ‘We do.’ And what we do is enrich the lives of our 5,000+ members through networking, mentoring and professional development. What we do is contribute to AT&T, serving as a corporate resource. What we do is transform lives through our $2000K annual scholarship program and provide student mentoring with signature events such as High Technology Day [on October 18]. Our mission reflects in our motto: ‘Juntos hacemos más.’ Together we do more!”


Latin@FB is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. This group is committed to connecting, supporting and developing Latinx and Hispanic employees at Facebook, while promoting an inclusive community that fosters an appreciation for our culture. 

Facebook’s Hispanic Heritage Month hashtag this year is #ThePowerOfVoice, and “to celebrate across our offices, we worked with artist Victor Melendez.

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Uber’s employee grassroots initiative for Latinx team members is called Los Ubers, and “our mission is empowering, celebrating and advocating for Hispanic and Latinx communities in and outside of Uber. Some events hosted by Los Ubers include a ceviche-making class in San Francisco, an UberEspañol appreciation in Chicago, a Día de Los Muertos lunch in Amsterdam, and a partnership with the Silicon Valley-based organization Latinas in Tech.   


Recognizing the contributions Hispanics have given the United States, they also been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month internally (and deliciously, thanks to a Hispanic Food Fair) across their global offices. One particular event is the Latinx Representation in Boston Tech panel on October 10 that will take place at the HubSpot headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  


Toyota Organization for the Development of LatinOS (TODOS) leverages the talent and energy of the TODOS Familia and makes a positive impact on its members, the company and communities where Toyota conducts business. TODOS is also committed to providing associate development, business support and community outreach. TODOS will be hosting company-wide events this month and next to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

This are only a few companies that are making moves to empower Latinx workers through their commitment to Hispanic Heritage Month. Let’s help create better and inclusive workspace for all of our community.

Connecting with the Hispanic Community is an extremely important move for every brand. We want to connect with you, so if you’re interested in our services, contact Fernando Álvarez, our Chief Vaquero Officer at

Feliz #HispanicHeritageMonth!


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