Conversational Marketing

For many years, companies put their money in mass advertising, trying to reach as many possible customers as they could, offering the same product to everyone hoping someone shows interest, and decides to do something about it.

This way of selling is still valid. It may not be as effective as before and prevents longlasting bonds between a brand and its clients.

Companies generate leads thanks to marketing campaigns, but only a small percentage of those leads transform into concrete sales opportunities, and even a lower percentage ends up buying the product.

What’s the best solution to solve this kind of problems?
You need the help of Conversational Marketing.

But what exactly is that and how can we use it to boost our sales?
It’s a strategy centered in building one-on-one relationships with clients.

Its objective is to satisfy each client specific needs in real time, in a fast and effective way. It allows companies to build a more human and personalized shopping experience, shorting sales cycles and getting clients’ valuable information.

It moves buyers through marketing and sales funnels, using questions simulating a real-time conversation. It’s a very useful tool that improves the user’s experience and gets more sales on a website.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing
Real time: Your clients needs are served instantly, no matter the hour. There’s no waiting or delay.
Scalability: Thanks to chatbots you can keep personalized conversations with many clients at the same time, without affecting the operation or effectiveness of your equipment.

Personalization: Specific data lets you contextualize conversations and offer unique personal experiences. You have to build a trust bond with the possible buyer.
Feeback: You have to learn from every conversation if you want to improve your customer service. You always should ask yourself: How the
conversation took place? Which communication channels were used? What went right or wrong? Take note and work on it.

If you want to implement a Conversational Marketing strategy, you have very useful tools, like WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger.
There’s something you should be doing while using those tools:
– Be simple.
– Don’t be too pushy.
– Don’t send spam.
– Don’t speak like a robot.
– Use emojis.
– Always offer the possibility to talk with a real person.

One example is eBay, they have created one of the most advanced eCommerce chatbots there is, which also happens to be the most popular.


Traditional marketing is being used less and less. Companies are always in need to offer immediate answers and personalized solutions. Interaction is a must, if you want more sales and better relationships with clients.

Now’s the time to be more human with our customers, if we want to build solid relationships. In Vaquero Advertising we are taking these new strategies of Marketing to communicate in better ways. 

“Marketing automation and human-to-human business are finally colliding. It’s no longer a choice of one or the other.

Contact us to know more about the solutions we offer. 

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