Skills and Functions, the importance of Community Managers

A Community Manager is the person whose responsibility is to manage and moderate the digital communities of a company, brand, public figure, etc.

The role of the community manager is increasingly important and strategic, due to its functions:

Create conversations:

The Community Manager is the link between them and the community, through digital channels. The Community Manager is responsible for using the Internet and social networks to bring the brand closer to the community, creating conversations and creating emotional bonding.

Build trust:

The Community Manager allows you to create a relationship of trust between the company and its community, which is very important and definitely necessary to achieve a lasting business relationship.

Data Base:

The management of the Community Manager allows to increase the knowledge of current and potential clients, which allows organizations to increase the number of clients and retain existing ones.

Manage the reputation of the brand:

The Community Manager is responsible for safeguarding the brand’s reputation in digital channels, which makes it strategic for the company, since the brand is worth more than all other company assets.

It becomes the ears of the company:

The Community Manager becomes the company’s ears in the digital world, which allows it to collect their feedback and use it to propose internal improvements in the organization.

But the most important! They are your social skills.
  • Knows how to listen. It is important that the Community Manager actively listen to the community, this means that he must listen and then act.
  • Patient. The Community Manager must be patient when dealing with a hostile or angry customer to avoid getting out of their boxes.
  • Assertive. It is necessary that the Community Manager be assertive so that he can position himself without falling into passivity (not expressing what he wants) or aggressiveness (intimidating or being rude).
  • Cordial. It is essential that the Community Manager be friendly and very cordial in their treatment, so you should never respond being disgusted.
  • Creative. Creativity is very important for a Community Manager, which allows you to achieve greater impact on your communication and marketing strategies.

So you know, it’s not just about an excellent digital marketing strategy, but about someone who knows how to manage and create it.

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