Do you speak to clients in their own language?

No wonder a foreign user finds your page. Think about how many pages in some other language you have found since you started browsing.

Internet is an open channel where the user can end up on any page. If he likes what he finds, he will stay and, if things are done well, he will buy.

You can take advantage of that great potential that gives us the technology of our time. All in favor of your business. You don’t have to limit yourself to the local public or limit your income to linguistic boundaries.

For this you need to speak the language of your customers.

Why translating the web correctly is key to success …

In Hispanic marketing today it is important to translate your website into authentic Spanish language, although there is the Google Translator option that can help us a lot in an emergency, it is not too professional.

If your goal is to connect with the audience, then it is not the resource that suits you best. The ideal is to hire a translator or a marketing agency that offers professional translation services.

3 elements that you should pay special attention to when translating your content
  1. Spelling matters a lot. Last year, for example, a company of a certain reputation published a job offer asking for a “professor with bilingual level of groins”, that is, a “teacher with a bilingual level of English.” Without the English accent I change everything.
  2. The name of your brand or products. If it is an invented name or one that alludes to some concept, you must make sure that in the new language it does not mean anything else or, worse, that it is offensive.
  3. The images and icons of your website. They also have their danger, especially if they are icons, symbols or gestures. Supposedly, the images allow transmitting concepts almost unequivocally and universally (traffic signs, for example), but there are certain exceptions that should be taken into account to avoid transmitting the wrong message to our foreign client.
  4. The copywriting of your promotions. You should avoid possible misunderstandings that may occur due to poor translation. You must choose each word well so as not to send a wrong message that later does not meet the expectations of your client or does not correspond to the idea that he had made in his mind when reading your text.


That is why Vaquero Advertising specializes in reaching the Hispanic market in a clear and efficient way … we take into account all these considerations when adapting your copy. Regardless of the industry in which your brand operates, you need creative translators, editors and editors specialized in your particular field to adapt your marketing copy successfully. Together with the translation, we provide cultural comments and a market vision to ensure that your copy speaks to your target audience. Choose Vaquero now!

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