SEO: Hispanic Marketing in USA

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content. So that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. 

If you have a business or brand, you have probably wondered if it is more effective to address your Hispanic audience in the United States in English or Spanish.

What we have no doubt about is the power to conquer the Hispanic market, the numbers speak for themselves. In 2016 alone, the buying power of Hispanics amounted to 1.4 billion dollars.

In addition, if it were a country, it would occupy the 15th position of the world’s largest economies. Not to mention the possibility of opening the door to a worldwide market of more than 400 million Spanish speakers spread over more than 20 countries.

Why is it important to take care of SEO for the Hispanic market?

One, according to a BrightEdge study, more than 40% of website revenue still comes from organic traffic.

Second, because since Latinos are a population interested in digital media and perform a good amount of searches in Spanish, there are more businesses than ever competing with each other to optimize their websites in our language.

Do Hispanics search in Spanish or English?

A Google / Ipsos study reveals that Hispanics in the United States spend a lot of time connected to the Internet: 66% say they pay attention to online ads, twenty points more than the average. In addition, search engines are the resource used by 86% to inform and make purchases.

In Latin America and Spain there is no doubt about the language that most use. But what about the United States?

The Google study seems to support the idea that Spanish or bilingual content is interpreted by the Hispanic audience as a sign of proximity.

Two thirds of the Latino public has used Spanish for some time in their searches in the last month, a figure that continues to grow. In previous years, searches with keywords in Spanish grew between 65% and 200% in many sectors, from telecommunications and automotive to health and beauty products. In retail trade they grew up to 210%.

The real advantage of using Spanish when you want to conquer a highly bilingual audience is the ability to connect with them.

Now, if you want the public to perceive that sign of closeness that we were talking about before, it is important to convince him that, in one language or another, you speak the same language.

In case your original site is in English, or you generate content in that language; investing in a good translation is essential to make yourself loved by the public as well as by the search engines.

SEO in Spanish and international traffic

One thing you should know about SEO in Spanish is that it will give your website in the United States a considerable flow of international traffic. Which can be good or bad, depending on whether or not your business is designed for it. .

If you do not want to receive that traffic, make sure that your website in Spanish is able to locate the user’s IP to tell you that your page sells exclusively in the United States.

But on the other hand, the arrival of traffic from other countries indicates that your website is well optimized for search engines.

Don’t stay like this:

We speak Spanish (roughly speaking)


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