¡Hola 2020! Bienvenido

Hello 2020, new decade, new year, new twin year…

Don’t know if you actually are a Friends fan, but at the end of this past year everyone was talking about this. You can find it in Season 10 Episode 04, and at the time obviously it seem a lot and realizing it was 17 years ago pff…mind blowing. 

Have you already heard that this year 2020, is the twin year? 


Resultado de imagen para 2020 infographic

We are living in the age of machine marketing. Living in the future that we once thought about, and believe it was far far away, well it’s here – if not just around the corner – we are experience it. 

“We are in the midst of a massive media revolution….”

For the first time in history, ordinary people around the world have the ability to create, distribute, and consume content instantly, from anywhere, using connected devices. There is now an infinite level of noise brands must breakthrough.

What really matters or what people, audiences are waiting for is brands to be more human and doing that through digital marketing can be tough. But it means to reach out to your customers in meaningful ways, understand what they want and give them THAT.

This is why marketing is failing, and why old foundations are now faltering.

FUTURE = KEEP your Brand Human

What do you think? 

We are really thankful for the opportunities we have been given since we have opened for business, We hope you guys continue to support and watch us grow every day.

Let’s talk! Contact us to know more about the new Vaquero Advertising Agency, we are full of new 2020 energy and to start executing a bunch of great ideas. 

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