How Latinos are being affected by the pandemic

Latinos in the United States are being hit hard by the pandemic due to the systemic inequity in the United States. The three main factors affecting Latinos are health, income, and housing.

Latino’s are highly exposed to the virus due to them being essential workers. Essential workers are those who work in grocery stores, cleaning, warehouse workers, drivers, etc. According to the Center for Economic Policy and Research, Hispanics make up 16.8% of essential workers.

In Texas, 39.6% of the population are Latinos. In addition, 38.6% of COVID-19 deaths are Latinos.

Generally, Latinos in the U.S. tend to live in low-income communities, therefore leading to a lack of access to healthcare. In 2017, the Census Bureau reported that 49% of Hispanics had private insurance coverage, as compared to 75.4% for non-Hispanic whites. The lack of insurance coverage is a motive for Latino’s to not seek medical health.

Latino Cases by Age in the U.S. :

                                    • 0-17           52.4%
                                    • 18-44         43.3%
                                    • 45-64         33.3%
                                    • 65-74         19.9%
                                    • 75+            12.3%

In addition to lack of health access, 18.2% of Latinos have been unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic. The unemployment rate within the Latino community will hit the economy hard. The buying power from the Latino population will become smaller due to the unemployment rate.

Traditionally, Latino’s are accustomed to live in multigenerational homes. Multigenerational homes consist of more than two families in one house. For example, tu abuelo, tu mama, tu, y tu hijo all live together. That is four generations in one home. Houses can be small in size leading to a lack of social distancing and isolation. The lack of the ability to have the privilege to successfully social distance and isolate infected family members can become difficult. This is one of the reasons Latinos are being hit hard with contracting the virus.

Here at Vaquero, we care about the Hispanic community. Por favor, use your mask, and try your best to mantener social distancing.

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