How to start working with Vaquero Advertising: Multicultural Agency

Multicultural marketing offers businesses the ability to spread their messages to their target audience by reaching out to culturally connected groups. 

Multicultural marketing requires specialized insights and actions that balance culture while avoiding stereotypes.

It’s a good idea to create a sense of empowerment with your multicultural advertising campaigns. This type of campaign offers something beyond a brand: they recognize the strength of a group, emboldening a culture to do more than just buy a product. Empowering campaigns encourage people to be proud of your brand, establishing a positive relationship with potential customers.

Translate your website: Get to your new audience, Latinos! This allows the campaigns to resonate with a wider audience, and promote themselves as an “active” brand, engaged with the world around them.

Be heartfelt: Humans are a pretty emotional bunch. If the responses to the recent “weepy” Super Bowl ads tell us anything, it is that audiences can be moved by even the slightest tug at their heartstrings. This rings especially true when you account for cultural factors. Our culture identifies humans as individuals, families, nations, and more. Therefore, a person’s link to their culture is usually strong and sentimental.

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