International Hangover Day

International Hangover Day is the first Saturday in August. It follows International Beer Day, which is celebrated the first Friday in August. 


This year International Hangover Day will be celebrated on August 8. 


Latino’s are known for liking to have a beer or enjoy some tequila with family and friends. 


Latinos have their own remedies to cure a hangover. Each remedy is sworn to be a fixer for a hangover, even the worst hangover you can probably experience. Throw away the aspirin and gatorade, try one of these remedies instead:

  1. Menudo— Mexico
    Mexicans swear that menudo can cure any cruda, or hangover. Menudo is a spicy soup that is traditionally made from tripas (cow stomach). 
  2. Sancocho de Siete Carnes —- Latin America
    Sancocho is a stew in which the recipe varies by country. Countries that cook this dish are: Colombia, Cuba, Domincan Republic, Ecuador, Hondura, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The main ingredients for Sancocho are meat, vegetables, broth, yuca and platano.
  3. Mondongo— Dominican Republic
    Mondongo is a Domican style tripe stew with a variety of vegetables and spices. Some add rice or maize late in the cooking process.
  4. Leche de Tigre— Peru
    Leche de Tigre is the citrus-based marinade found in Peruvian ceviche. The marinade cures the ceviche. The marinade consists of lime juice, sliced onion, chiles, salt , and pepper.
  5. Michelada—- Mexico
    Some Mexicans believe that to beat a hangover, you must drink more alcoholic beverages. Another Mexican hangover cure is a Michelada. A michelada is a beer cocktail that has tomato juice and hot sauce. The rim of the glass has salt and ice is added to the glass. And don’t forget to make your michelada with Mexican beer.


Happy International Hangover Day! Drink responsibly and stay hydrated!Here at Vaquero, we love learning about the cultures of our hermanos Latinos!

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