LatinX on Social Media: El que pega primero, pega dos veces!

Or as we would say: The one who hits first, hits twice! 

Texas and Dallas have some of the biggest Hispanic communities in the United States. Their buying power is getting stronger and bigger each day, as they’re a very young and consumer community, on top of being an extremely brand loyal crowd.

So, this means brands are starting to appeal to them and are trying to win them over with targeted marketing. In order to make sure that they’re connecting with their product or service. 

Social media is bigger than ever these days. It’s making things faster, and many companies use it in order to spread the word about what they do.

Many people underestimate the power it has, even though it has proven to be the launching tool used by many popular artists and products out there. Apps such as Instagram even have a built-in service. It helps companies sell their products, so a good social media management that uses the correct strategy can lead to organic brand engagement from different communities. 

Social Media people

Now, American social media is one thing, and Hispanic social media is another thing. You can’t use the same voice, jokes, and references for both. People who belong to the Hispanic community have their own traditions, they miss home, and face the reality of being a Hispanic person living in the United States.

So brands are now creating social media pages just for them! Big names like Toyota are catering towards them and making sure they feel included.

Lately, a trend amongst the Hispanic community is their new branding. “Latinx” is the name many of them have adopted to refer to themselves, as it is a term that includes female, male, and gender non-binary people.

As you may know, “Latino” is the term that has always been used. The “o” in Latin-o makes the noun male and refers to Hispanic men, so by using the term “Latinx” you’re making those people who don’t identify as male or female feel included.

This is a great step forward for the community, as it is an indicator that the new generation that’s coming is more accepting and modern.

All over social media, you’ll see Latinx Activists talking to the masses, and their influence is massive. It’s time to include them in the narrative, and make them feel heard.

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