Four Examples of Successful Hispanic Marketing

We talk a lot about what it means to connect to the Hispanic demographic. We have discussed going beyond simply translating copy. We have studied the benefits of appealing to Hispanic culture in order to build a long-lasting relationship. What we haven’t done yet, though, is study what that looks like when HI is applied and executed successfully. Here are a couple of different examples of brands that Vaquero Advertising studied that released ads targeted towards the Hispanic Marketing and that performed well.


The popular streaming service partnered with a Hispanic ad agency to produce a series of video ads to promote their original hit show, “Narcos.” The campaign was called “Spanish Lessons,” and featured the show’s lead actors explaining the show’s commonly used Spanish phrases, such as how to properly pronounce the words and what they mean.

After this campaign became such an overwhelming success, Netflix partnered with the language site Babbel to create a “narco-Spanish” course. Babbel users were able to sign up to learn Spanish in a uniquely Pablo Escobar way.

Both of these campaigns ended up so successful for Netflix because they were interactive with the users, and they took a fun, bilingual approach. Video marketing also typically proves to be more successful than more stagnant media approaches, like still ads.

NARCOS Netflix Series
NARCOS Netflix Series


Toyota recently rolled out a new ad campaign to promote its latest Camry model. The commercial highlights a Hispanic millennial driving down the highway in his new Camry, simply enjoying his drive on the open road. During his drive, he receives a call from his mother. The young man hesitates, clearly torn, eventually deciding to decline the call from his mother in order to focus solely on the thrill of driving the car.

This ad plays on the importance of family in Hispanic culture. The overall goal of the commercial was to reflect the sense of responsibility that Hispanics have towards their family, especially the tie between a mother and her son. Ignoring the call from his mother emphasizes how much the son enjoyed the smooth, calm way the Camry drove. It’s effective advertising like this that has propelled Toyota to the top as the top-selling brand for Hispanics for over 10 years.


The satellite service realized that integrating Spanish and English was critical to reaching Spanish audiences of all ages. In order to reach Hispanic Marketing households, Dish released a package called DishLatino. By successfully combining two cultures, Dish was able to appeal to the older, more traditional population, as well as the ever-growing millennial demographic.

Hispanic Marketing DIsh Latino

Major League Baseball

In the MLB, 27% of players are actually Hispanic. Even with such a large statistic of Hispanic players, the league was ignoring Hispanic culture. The MLB teamed up with a Hispanic ad agency to add an accent to the MLB logo, and to players’ names on the back of their jerseys where it was necessary. The goal was to bring awareness to a very simple detail – Spanish identity. This effort helped to ignite a larger Hispanic passion for not just playing the game, but watching it.

Hispanic Marketing Baseball

These four campaigns are excellent examples of how a company paired with a Hispanic ad agency can appeal to an underlooked demographic. By teaming up with Vaquero Advertising, we can create campaigns with the same intent – connecting your brand to the Hispanic population on a local and national level. Vaquero Advertising doesn’t overlook the little details that make a culture and a people who they are – we embrace them. We can help your business embrace them, too. Contact us today to learn more about how we can build your cultural entourage!

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