Mistakes commonly made on Instagram

Instagram has become a place where brands deliver powerful messages, tell stories that result in conversations and engage consumers and businesses.

If brands want to reach out their audience on a more real and human level this is their platform. 

Common mistakes in Instagram Ads

Mistake #1: Having No Goal-Focused Strategy

As with any other form of digital marketing, it’s important to clearly define your Instagram advertising goals early on and create a cohesive strategy to help you reach them. 

Mistake #2: Not Targeting the Right Audience

One of the biggest Instagram ads mistakes is not knowing who your ideal customer is.

Instagram Mistakes Benetton ad

Mistake #3: Not Using good quality, optimised photos

Instagram is where you sell your brand through your photos, making photo content an integral part of your campaign. So, it makes sense to put in efforts and pay full attention to the minutest of details.

High Quality photos

Mistake #4: Not making most of the ‘Bio’

An Instagram handle without any description is a missed opportunity at connecting with your followers and profile visitors. Since Instagram provides you with this space to describe your brand or share links to your website, it is a good place help viewers understand your brand better and direct them to your website. You can know add different links to your posts through different websites that provide this service like Linkin.Bio| Like Shop | LinkTree if you want to know more about these link tools please comment!

Mistake #5: Posting inconsistently

If you want to grow your Instagram posting daily and constantly is the key. This is how the algorithm works so is not up for discussion. Lack of inspiration can interfere sometimes so a good strategy to post constantly is to schedule your content.

So we hope it can help you get a better engagement with your followers and possible clients! If you need some help with your digital strategy on social media. Contact us! We are experts, Vaquero!!

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