Multicultural Marketing in Dallas

Dallas is a melting pot of cultures. The population in Dallas is continuously growing. Dallas has a population of approximately 1.345 million. The Hispanic population in Dallas is 41.7%. meaning about 5.50 million identify as Hispanic. 

How can you cater to this population? 

Here are five tips on how to cater to multicultural populations:


  • Know your audience


Before making any decisions on how to market your business or product you want to choose your audience. Know who you are speaking to with your campaigns. Dallas is a very diverse city, with different people, ideas, cultures, and beliefs. You want to know as much about your projected audience. This website does a great job at breaking down the population in Dallas by age, income, race, etc.


  • Celebrate


Stereotypes have always been out of style. Use your platform to positively influence the world and how the world sees these consumers. Portraying your projected target audience as a stereotype that is not positive, is a great way to not reach your consumer. That’s not the goal when creating a marketing campaign. For example, when wanting to reach the Hispanic population don’t portray them as eating jalapenos in sombreros. Instead portray them as the people that they are. The Hispanic population is diverse, but there are things that are continuously similar within these different nationalities. 

 [Telemundo celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month]


  • Conectate


Find a connection between your demographics and create a strategy to become that bridge of connection for your consumer. You want to reflect your business within these marketing strategies. Share the values of your company with your audience and don’t forget to imply these values.


  • Educate your company


If you are celebrating the diversity of the world, make sure your employees reflectan la diversidad and understanding of different culturas. A working-environment that reflects your company’s consumer objectives will also create better strategies for your marketing campaigns. Different backgrounds and diverse employees will allow for a more in-depth understanding of your consumer.


  • Be genuine


Anything that your marketing campaign represents, make sure that it is something you strongly believe in and want that to reflect in your company and consumers. Your customers may come from very diverse backgrounds than you. Gain a customer by letting them know that your company values them as an individual. 

Aqui en Vaquero, we specialize in creating multicultural ad campaigns, specifically for the Hispanic community. Contactanos para mas informacion en como te podemos ayudar!

Saludos, Vaquero.


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