New Technology in Outdoor Advertising

Let’s be honest, in 2020 billboards can get boring to the tech-savvy consumer.  There are emerging technological advancements for out-of-home advertising. 

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Here are four of the newest features to OOH: 

  1. Geopath Insight  Geopath insights helps track consumers within a targeted market based on their lifestyle, location, purchases, interest, and demographics. Consumer information is gained from their smartphone. This information is vital to help advertisers place their ads in a location where their targeted market is more likely to travel or shop at. 
  2. Geo-fencing Similar to geopath insights, geo-fencing allows the advertiser to send messages to the consumer that is in close proximity to their locations. Also, the advertiser can see what competitors are in their area.
  3. Near-field Communication Near-field communication is the most cost effective form of advertising. Consumers are most likely to interact with your message if an NFC is involved. An NFC is chipped to a device that has potential of interacting with consumers. 
  4. Digital Signage There is an 80% of brand recall when using digital signage. Digital signage is a form of advertising that uses screens, projectors, touch panels, or totems. Digital signage can use a NFC to interact with the consumer. 

Here are some effective ways to use these technological advancements:

  1. Digital Billboards : Digital billboards are more cost effective than a traditional billboard. Digital billboards are able to display various ads in one. Strategists use geopath insights to successfully place the media in a location that will create the most brand awareness. 
  2. App Notification : As soon as you park your car, brands can use geofencing technology to create app notifications to your smartphone. These notifications can range from sales to coupons. These notifications are effective, because it makes a potential buyer into a buyer. If a loyal consumer receives a notification in-store of a specific product they have been eyeing they are more likely to purchase.
  3. Interactive Posters: An interactive poster can be as simple as scanning a QR code to interacting with a screen. Interacting with consumers using a poster can lead to potential buyers. When consumers tap on a poster that says “Touch here for more information,” it directs them to a landing page about the product. The product information is a way of creating brand awareness to potential consumers. 

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