November, a month to start saying GRACIAS!

We are about to close the year, and with Thanksgiving around the corner it’s the perfect time to share with our family and community some valuable time. Also the best way to plan ahead your 2020 multicultural marketing strategy. 

With 2019 almost behind us, it’s time to set your sights on next year’s marketing campaigns. That means a lot of “New Year, new you” messaging, and pumpkin spice lattes, and Christmas trees all over your instagram for this last two months.

El impacto del Hispanic Heritage Month

This Hispanic Heritage Month was impressive, especially in marketing every day more brands are solidarity and are interested in approaching the Hispanic community.

Throughout the month, los Hispanos residing in the United States have seen all kinds of celebrations and commemorations, from advertising campaigns of companies to initiatives of organizations calling attention to the problems of Latinos, through celebrations of companies that exalt the legacy of their employees and educate non-Latinos about this culture.

This is a date to go beyond commercials and recognize ourselves as a group that has much to contribute to society and also understand the challenges of a community whose future generations are being raised with a legacy that groups several countries.


Therefore in Vaquero Advertising we are pleased to share that we have positioned ourselves as a reliable marketing agency in Texas and in Querétaro, México and that why we want to help you connect better with the hispanic community through your website, social media, and all the online latinos!

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Connecting with the Hispanic Community is a smart move for every brand.

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