Post-COVID19 Marketing: A New Season

We survived! Yay! Estamos felices de estar contigo en esta nueva realidad.

We´re so excited to live this new season by your side and share our very best with you and your family. 

This health crisis was stressful in many ways. But, gracias a Dios estamos bien y seguimos vivos, para dar lo mejor de nosotros una vez más. Although the lifestyle is different, the mission remains the same: to create awesome marketing campaigns in Texas by connecting American companies with the Hispanic community.

Why? Because it’s a great culture. The United States is a multicultural country. Texas and California are the top two states with more Hispanic influence and presence. The Latin people are beautiful. And the culture, so interesting, it’s hot, like the Cheeto´s.

Every time we have a discovery meeting, we share with our new clients relevant facts and insights about Hispanics in the USA. We prove to them how important it is to invest in Hispanic marketing. It’s like your company’s social media: before it was optional, today it’s a necessity. That’s why we want to share with you our famous Top 10 list of the month.

  1. Salud: Health
  2. Cubrebocas: Mouth cover
  3. Sana distancia: Social distancing
  4. Nueva realidad: New reality
  5. Trabajo desde casa: Work from home
  6. Anti-racismo: Anti-racism
  7. Recetas casera: Homemade recipes
  8. Googléalo: Google it!
  9. Video conferencia: Call conference
  10. Productividad: Productivity

Y los de siempre: tacos, cerveza y mariachi!

One of the most curious things about the Latinx culture is the way we communicate ourselves with our families, colleagues & friends: We use Spanglish (English & Spanish), mix them up in the same sentence, it gives a “secret sauce” to our message.

It’s like when your wife arrives home and you´re watching the Cowboys game. She says, “Juan! Go get the groceries from Kroger, please.” Then you tell your son, “Muchacho! Ándale, ayúdale a tu mamá. Ya sabes que te habla a ti vato”  

Nowadays, multicultural marketing is key. It’s all about understanding your audience and connecting with them in an authentic way. Así sea en English or Español, or our favorite: Spanglish. 

Connect with us.

Saludos y disfruta tu dia, 

Fernando Alvarez


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