Summer Latino Traditions

Being Latino in the U.S., means you get to learn from different cultures. Especially within the Latino community, we have tons of diversity to learn from. Something all Latinos can share is that there are activities that we have all adopted into our lives. These activities turn into traditions that all Latinos share in their own variety.

The best time of the year is the summertime. The sun hitting against your skin and the nice summer breeze in the evenings. Here’s a list of Summer Traditions that Latinos have adopted:

  1. Carne Asada
    The most common summer tradition shared by Latinos is a carne asada. This tradition varies by name, people also call it fajitas or carne asada, which is just a cookout. Usually on Sundays after mass, with your extended family or just your family at home is spent together chatting or listening to music. Traditionally, the men will grill outside and enjoy a beer and the women will make the rice, salsa, and guacamole in the kitchen. This is a great way to bond with your mom, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, etc.
  2. Las Albercas
    Another summer staple for Latinos are las albercas, meaning the pool. Enjoying a hot summer day and splashing in the water to cool down is a great way for anyone to spend a summer day. After a long day of swimming, you would usually enjoy a sandwich or a hot dog with your favorite type of chips and fruit. A summer pool staple is watermelon.
  3. Vacaciones

A great and rewarding tradition are vacaciones, vacations. Destinations include the beach, amusement parks, or country of origin (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc.) with your family. A change of scenery is needed after working or going to school, or both all year long. This is a tradition that Latinos have adapted to show their loved ones that with hard work comes these great rewards.

4. Futbol Watch Party
Watching your favorite equipos de futbol throughout the summer is a vibe. Hanging out with friends and family enjoying snacks and drinks, and on special occasions a cookout. Special occasions include the World Cup series or your favorite team having a winning streak to make it to the finals of the season.

5.El Jaripeo
A great way to spend the weekend is at a jaripeo. A jaripeo is traditionally a form of bull riding practiced mainly in Central and Southern Mexico. Now in the U.S., a jaripeo can consist of horse shows and live music performances from popular artists from the Mexican regional music industry. Attendees come with their family and/or friends to dance the night away.

Here at Vaquero, we understand the Hispanic culture in the United States. And we sure love being a part of this cultura!

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