Traditions and Superstitions: Latin/Hispanic New Year!

When it comes to Hispanic New Year’s traditions, it’s all about bringing on the good luck. In most places, the partying begins on New Year’s Eve among family or friends, and most of the rituals take place at or around midnight.

Then, the fiesta continues into the wee hours of the morning (along with plenty of fireworks to ring in the new year).

Más tradiciones


As in many places, champagne is the drink of choice when welcoming the new year. The Latino twist is to drop a gold ring into your champagne glass, to bring in money. Fruit like strawberries or cherries is said to bring new love, or fidelity by a gold ring. Some say you must drink the entire glass and pull the object out, or it won’t work.

Also for hispanics is common to gather with our families to enjoy a delicious dinner and toast together for a wonderful New Year. 

De parte del equipo de Vaquero Advertising les deseamos lo mejor! May this year bring new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness, good fortune, and love. Happy 2020!

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