Understanding The Mexican Culture


By Fernando Alvarez

Have you ever wondered… What´s up with Mexicans? Why are they so passionate about their families? Why do they sing “Cielito lindo”? Why do they cry when they win a soccer game? And mostly… Why have they been crossing the border for so many years to the United States?

There are so many things about México that we need to know, so that we can have better relationships and create a better community. This will give you & your business new opportunities on a multicultural world.

Let´s open our minds and learn about this culture and its past.

Most of the Mexican people come from the “mestizaje”, which is the union from the ancient civilizations and the Spanish conquerors. Some other come from the European landlords that came to Mexico and connected it to the other continent.

This is why a lot of artists are interested in México and go there to get inspired. They find very interesting what happened there hundreds of years ago and how we reacted as a civilization. As a nation.

We have an amazing history. The Aztecas, Mayas, Toltecas & Olmecas had outstanding skills on astronomy, medicine, architecture and spiritualism. They left incredible knowledge and architecture to the world. Nowadays you can visit Temples and Pyramids in México. Somehow our territory has been a point of interest for many countries. That´s why they have tried to conquer it. And Spain did it in 1521, by the orders of the former King. We have won and lost hundreds of battles.

After 300 years of slavery and abuse, Miguel Hidalgo & his army fought against the Government of “La Nueva España (The New Spain) and acclaimed for human rights; for all the people that lived in that land. That´s when we had our Independence war and won it. Then the French came to collaborate with us for many years. They helped us when we faced a huge financial crisis with England, Spain and them. The problem started again, when the French abused of the Mexicans and started a battle against the citizens. In 1862, we had the Batalla de Puebla, mostly known as “5 de mayo”. We won that battle and the French army went back to Europe.

Our last battle happened in 1910, la Revolución Mexicana . Two Mexican armies fought against each other. Main cause: injustice. Porfirio Díaz was the President in that time. He did great things for our country, such as: International commerce (he opened our doors to the world) and infrastructure (Built trains, roads, cities). But in the other hand, he didn´t take care of the poor ones. His government was dictatorial. So, a lot of Mexicans felt betrayed. Therefore, Ignacio I. Madero and his army fought against the former Government.

Later in 1917, in a lovely City called Querétaro, it was signed and shared the Constitution of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, with laws that seek for justice and peace for everyone. Nowadays, we live under those laws.

As you can tell by now, Mexicans have been living in war for many years. Many political leaders have taken advantage of their power and abused of the people. When you live in a dangerous land, you get to appreciate more every day with your family and the ones you love. That´s why we are so passionate.

And that´s the beauty of México! The passion of our people. When we are interested in getting something accomplished, we get creative and work together as a team. If you take that principle and other factors, such as: our beautiful women, land, beaches, mountains, weather, traditions, food, drinks and the joy of the people… let me tell you, that´s when you feel the magic!

Así que… Felicidades compadre! Now you know more about us. Next time you meet a Mexican, give yourself an opportunity to have a new friend. And trust us, ´cause we love America and we are here to collaborate.

Viva México, chingao!

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