Use of APPS between US & México

As a Multicultural marketing agency the way we see things changed everyday. We usually think that what we are doing in our workplace is the best thing. But as creatives & marketers, we have to keep updated about the latest trends, facts and how the world in this field is moving. 

Nowadays, everything works around the APPS and it’s nothing new.. we navigate through different apps for 5 hours a day, minimum in our mobile devices.. According to global results, people use an average of 27 apps and engage with an average of 39 apps per month.

What apps are the most competitive?

Brazil, Mexico, and the United States have the most competitive app markets in the world.

The Cheetah Ad Platform, owned by Cheetah Mobile, analyzed data from 52 million Android smartphone users to see how people across the globe engage with their mobile devices and apps. There are 1.8 million apps in the iOS app store and 2.3 million apps in the Google Play store. Thousands are being introduced every day.

The study showed that communication and social apps are used three to 10 times more than other apps. 

US & Mexico in the World of APPS

In Mexico, communications apps are used most.  The U.S. also favors communication apps, with 2.52 communication apps per person. And in the United Kingdom, shopping apps are most active. Germany shows the highest competition activity in casual games compared to other apps. And Russia’s competition activity is highest in arcade and action games.

As an example of the different use we have in apps, here in Mexico, although we are going paso a pasito in some things, since WhatsApp began to be use we have given it an impressive power. 

Whether as a social or work tool, everything sums up to:  Pasame to Whatsapp? (Give me your WhatsApp) instead of what is your mobile number?

And in the US it doesn’t work like that, it’s not even a very used app, to be in contact with people every day, they use messenger or iMessage. It’s a

When comparing iMessage vs WhatsApp, most of the US community recommends iMessage. iMessage is ranked 10th while WhatsApp is ranked 29th. The most important reason people chose iMessage is: No need to download or sign up for a new service.

 The apps allow you to communicate with family and friends for free via your smart phone. This enables you to avoid SMS and voice call fees charged by your mobile service provider. Apart from sending messages to single users, you can create groups and mass text the users. Also the best thing is you can video call or voice call.

In Vaquero Advertising we are aware of all the innovations and trending apps that are in the market. We want to give you the best advices to get on track your brand. Contact us to get a cool strategy for your brand!

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