We are Happy to Welcome Clarissa, New VAQUERA in town!

We share with you a little bit of Clarissa, her culture, family…and mostly why she loves to be part of the Hispanic Community in the USA.

Hola!  Mucho gusto, soy Clarissa Alvarado and I’m an intern for Vaquero Advertising. 

Long before I was born, my parents immigrated to America from Mexico. My mom is from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and my dad is from San Jose Huipana, Michoacan. My family has a small business in Dallas. I manage the social media pages for us.

I grew up around my extended family, so family is a huge aspect of my life. I consider some of my primos and primas to be my friends. 


I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I am a Mass Communication senior with a minor in public relations and advertising.  I’ve held various jobs throughout college and something they all had in common was communicating and interacting with the Hispanic community in Dallas.

The common theme of communication sparked my passion toward the mass communication field. Being a millennial, I love using the internet and social media. I wanted to learn more about the way the media works in our digital society. 

Growing up in America was interesting. I grew up in an area that is predominantly Hispanic and Black. From day-care all the way to community college, the majority population of students was always Hispanic. When I transferred to university in 2018, I was in a huge shock. My school was now predominantly white and I was definitely a minority in the school’s population. I had never experienced anything like that. 


Transferring to university made me grow closer to my Mexican culture and identity as a Latina in America. I moved to the small city of Wichita Falls, which is the complete opposite of Dallas: the culture, the people, and the ideas were all new to me.

I realized that my identity is more than what the media likes to portray Latinas as: wearing hoops, eating hot cheetos, and being “spicy”. The first thing brands like to do is slap the hot cheetos logo to gain the attention of the Latinx consumer. At first, it was cute and different. Now, it’s overused.

Mis idiomas son parte de mi. I love to speak both English and Spanish: AKA Spanglish. Somethings just sound better in English, and others just make sense in Spanish.

I grew up speaking both English and Spanish at home, at school, with friends, basically everywhere in Dallas. When I moved to Wichita Falls I couldn’t speak as much Spanish as I was used to speaking. I never wanted to speak Spanish so bad in my life. Thankfully through my multicultural sorority, I was able to meet Hispanic leaders and find friends with similar backgrounds on-campus and in the community.

I have had the opportunity to gain experience in making flyers for events and social media posts for my sorority’s instagram page and my family’s small business facebook and instagram pages. I have been able to apply the skills I learned in the classroom into these projects. ‘

In my free time I like researching things that I find important to me and that I will benefit from. My biggest dream is to attend law school in the future. After I graduate, I hope to work in the mass communication field for a few years  and receive a law degree. I would like to practice either civil or immigration law. 

I have cousins and friends that are Dreamers. They are a part of the population that grew up in the United States without the privilege of citizenship. I have witnessed the opportunities that DACA has given to them. They are banks tellers, mechanics, entrepreneurs, aspiring doctors, aspiring college students, and college graduates. 

Immigration is an important part of who I am. I would not have all the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for the bravery of my immigrant parents. 

Most of my time is spent working or learning, but when I’m not doing those things I enjoy fashion, makeup, and music. I like to describe my style as comfortable but cute. I like to experiment with different looks and pieces that are trendy and new.


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