Engaging the Hispanic consumer can be tricky. Successful ad campaigns that have been targeted to the Hispanic population in the U.S. are specifically targeting a certain demographic within the Hispanic population. 

Before diving into how to engage with the Hispanic consumer, let’s look at some quick facts about them: 

  1. Collective buying power of $1.7 trillion 
  2. 6 in 10 are 35 years or younger
  3. 6 in 10 are Spanish speaking
  4. 81% of U.S. born Hispanics are 35 or younger

Now that you know more about the Hispanic consumers in the U.S. let’s discuss engaging the Hispanic consumer with your brand and services. 

  1. Acknowledge 

The first thing you must do to reach the Hispanic consumer is acknowledge the diversity of the population. Latino’s identify themselves with different nationalities. Besides cultural diversity within the community, you have to take into consideration other diversity elements: age, location, psychographics, income, kids, beliefs, religion, etc. 

2. Know who you are trying to engage

After you acknowledge the diversity, know who you are trying to atraer. Are you wanting to attract millennials and Gen-Z OR are you trying to attract the older Hispanics? This is an important step of your marketing strategy. Depending who is your target audience, you will know what best strategies to use

3. Idioma  preferences

Deciding who your target audience will help you determine what language to use for your message to be received clearly. The most important variable here is the age group you are targeting. Older Hispanics can be reached through television en español. In contrast, millennials and Gen-Z are more likely to be reached through digital platforms, and are more likely to be bilingual or native-English speakers. Or our favorite here at Vaquero: Spanglish.

4. Values

Latinos in the U.S. value the representation of their culture in this country. According to Think Google Insights , 43% of Hispanic millennials feel more favorably about brands that include aspects of Hispanic culture in their advertising when making digital purchases. When creating messages stay away from stereotypes that Hispanic consumers have never favored.  

5. Research 

The Hispanic consumer in the U.S. is always evolving. More Latinos are attending higher education meaning that household income is increasing for Latino’s in the U.S.! Sigue siendo consistent con  research y aprende más de la cultura Hispana aquí en el U.S. 

Statistics used in this blog post can be found at Fact Tank.

Here at Vaquero we value the Hispanic culture and understand the Hispanic consumer. Connect with us to see how we can help you successfully engage with the Hispanic consumer. 

Adios Vaquero!

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