WhatsApp: Why is so popular among US Hispanics & Latinos?

WhatsApp beats out Instagram and Twitter among US HISPANIC users, with those platforms seeing 34.3% and 21% user penetration, respectively. For greater context, that means there are 10 million more US Hispanics on WhatsApp than Instagram, and almost triple more than Twitter.

 Yes, we love it! and why won’t we? 

It’s easy to use, it’s fast, but most important it’s FREE! The platform’s US Hispanic user base of 32 million is growing because of its data cost savings, messaging encryption capabilities and popularity in Latin American countries.

Older US Hispanics who wish to communicate with friends and families in these countries can do so via the app. Younger people use the platform to stay in touch with relatives in the US and Latin America because of the easy-to-use interface. Is more likely to be used by smartphone users of all ages, as opposed to social media networks.

WhatsApp will continue to gain traction among US Hispanics, though growth will slow slightly over the next couple of years. By the end of our 2023 forecasting period, we expect nearly 47 million US Hispanics to be WhatsApp users, accounting for 70.7% of the US Hispanic population.

“WhatsApp might not be as popular overall as other social apps, but it has been able to differentiate itself as a user-friendly app,”

People use WhatsApp for everything from sharing news to doing business and conducting diplomacy.

And talking about business, in case you didn’t know there’s a specific WhatsApp for Businesses, that’s right. 

WhatsApp Business gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers in a private, secure environment, allowing you to interact with them in a more informal and friendlier way. In theory, that makes it a messaging marketer’s dream.

It’s an ideal environment to message customers, send them alerts, notifications, and updates, and answer any questions they may have.

If you move forward and decide to set up a WhatsApp business profile, be sure to keep your customers—and your employees charged with servicing them–top of mind as you design how messaging fits into your customer engagement strategies.

Once you test what WhatsApp Business offers, you’ll discover that it’s a perfect B2C communication and customer service solution. Messaging has emerged as a convenient and necessary two-way customer communication channel.

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