The U.S. Hispanic market is incredibly diverse and important when it comes to succeeding in Hispanic marketing. You want to do more than just translate your message in Spanish. You want to connect with the Hispanic audience through their identity. 

Here are four brands that we think are successful in Hispanic marketing: 

  1. Modelo Especial

Hispanics consume about 70% of Modelo’s products that are distributed throughout the U.S. The following ad is one of my favorite ads. Modelo adds a new identity to the Hispanic consumer. The person in this ad is an American. Their service to this country and their identity as Latino is what makes this ad different from other ads that are targeted to Hispanic consumers. At the end of the commercial the voice over says “It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is what you’re made of.” This line is strong and many can resonate with this phrase. The voice is followed by images that are about his time in the army and Modelo’s throughout the ad. 

2. AT&T 

This Spanglish commercial goes more in-depth than speaking Spanglish. It highlights different cultures and how the importance of identity lies between culture, language, beliefs, and experiences. The people shown in this commercial are diverse from their cultures and backgrounds. They all have some things in common: Spanglish and importance of family.  

3. Mitu

Mitu is popular among Latinx millennials and generation z. This online platform of information and entertainment understands the importance of identity here in the U.S. Mitu understands how to reach the Hispanic audience and knows how to connect with them. They release content that is unique and reader-worthy that is directed to the Hispanic community. They understand the importance of having content written for Hispanics in the U.S. 

4. AllState “La Mala Suerte” 

“La Mala Suerte” campaign was released in 2017. Superstitions are popular in Latino culture. This is a great way to connect with the audience by using language that they understand. Mala suerte is a commonly used phrase by Latino’s when something isn’t going right, or just bad luck.

What measures the brands success?

When creating a successful ad campaign for the Hispanic audience always remember to make a connection with them. Here at Vaquero we know how to connect with the Hispanic community and want to help you connect with them! Check out our latest blog on how to  Engage with the Hispanic Consumer.

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